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2009-10-19 16:16:26 by KNDnumbuh8

Hey everyone! I'm new to NG and so I am a noob...yes I am a n00b...I DID make some flash. but those are poor....really, those flash were practise because those were my first flashes. XD Later on I will improve.
Hope you like my art, too! I will submit more art anyways. :D


P.S. My name's Astrid. ;)


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2009-10-19 17:44:09

Hi there! Do not worry you're a n00b, soon you'll be a pro ;)

KNDnumbuh8 responds:

Why thank you. XD I think you're almost becoming one. ;) Nice art you got there! :D


2009-10-21 01:11:23

Welcome to Newgrounds. I am a noob too but sadly I will never become a pro. All I can do is write. So sad. V.V
Anyway hope to see your stuff soon. Oh and by the way my name is Roberto. :D

KNDnumbuh8 responds:

Hello Roberto! Nice name! :) Glad I meet another noob. Writing isn't bad, it's good to see a writer here, the only thing I can do is draw. (I have an art portal ;D) I hope to see more of you soon, too, and sorry for my bad English. ^^;


2009-10-22 15:44:22

I was a noob too... like 2 years ago


2009-10-22 15:49:00

Hello there, I've seen your flashes on the portal, and I thought they were pretty good. Like HiroTakashi, I too am just a writer. It's nice to see some new faces around here, keep up the good work. By the way, my name is Rob.


2009-10-22 17:02:36

Not bad for a first-timer and a dress up.

P.s:my name is John.


2009-10-22 21:51:01

WELCOME TO NG!!! from all of us, (and tom XD). Have fun times.
P.S. i b chris


2010-05-21 07:51:44

You're really talented! I like very much those illustrations!
Please don't stop making those!